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Concentrate and wax vaporizers have been one of the most popular vape systems since its inception. That’s because they allow consumers to easily reap the benefits of their favorite concentrates in a straightforward and simple setup. Compared to dry herb vapes, the vapors produced by these devices are more potent and can easily get one medicated.

Here are a few things you might want to know about concentrate and wax vaporizers.

They Come in All Sizes

Concentrate and wax vapes come in different shapes and sizes. Devices built with different dimensions were designed and engineered to suit the needs of different consumers. Take electric dab rigs or e-rigs for example, they are one of the largest concentrate and wax vaporizers on the market and can create vapors that closely mimic that of old and traditional rigs. They are battery-powered and usually come with water attachments, allowing them to create better quality vapors thanks to the large amount of liquid the bubbler can hold. This means that clouds produced using concentrate and wax vaporizers are more potent, smoother, and are less harsh to the throat.

There are also concentrate and wax vaporizers that are small and portable. Devices like vape pens, wax pens, and even portable nectar collectors are fine examples of portable concentrate and wax vaporizers. Casual vape users often prefer portable wax vapes not only because they’re easier to use but also because they are cheaper than the abovementioned e-rigs.

Advancements in today’s technology allowed manufacturers to build concentrate and wax vaporizers in various forms with features that you won’t usually find on these products.

Various Temperature Settings

Like most vaporizers, concentrate and wax vaporizers do offer various temperature settings. Cheaper devices will usually get pre-set temperature profiles that have been pre-selected by the manufacturer. These temperature settings have been designed to extract the active ingredients of various concentrates from flavorful and aromatic vapors to ones that really knock you off your socks. Pre-set temperature profiles are great for people who are new to vaping and those who are exploring the effects of subjecting wax concentrates to various temperature profiles.

On the other hand, more expensive devices are equipped with more sophisticated settings, typically those that allow precision control of the heating element. This type of heating is usually favored by advanced consumers who have developed a liking to a specific temperature level. These temperature settings are usually found on high-end devices.

Thanks to the adjustable voltage levels offered by concentrate and wax vaporizers, many have found the solution they have been looking for in personalizing their sessions when consuming their favorite extracts. Having said that, concentrate and wax vaporizers have cemented their places in the industry as the go-to devices for many vaporizer users.

Good for Both Recreational and Medical Users

Concentrate and wax vaporizers have been widely regarded as devices that are good for both recreational and medical consumers. For those who are looking to get their faces melted, concentrate and wax vaporizers are perfect since the materials used in these vaporizers are really potent. That said, it can really get consumers really lifted with only just a few draws.

In fact, wax concentrates have been coveted by many enthusiasts since wax is cannabinoids in concentrated form. Wax carry purely the plant’s active ingredients, which is why a dollop of the extract can go a long way.

As for patients who use wax concentrates to deal with their conditions, the material gives them a pure substance, free of the impurities that one gets when consuming the actual plant matter. Wax concentrates have been processed in sophisticated laboratories; hence the end product is clean and safe. Additionally, concentrate and wax vaporizers can heat the wax concentrates to a point where the active ingredient is extracted without reaching the point of combustion. That way, you’re getting only the good stuff and are dropping all the negative effects of smoking since the vapors do not carry combusted after effects.

Multi-functional Products

Finally, concentrate and wax vaporizers of this day and age are packed with features that they also function as devices that can be used for other products. Usually, concentrate and wax vaporizers can be used to vaporize oils as oils are the runny cousin of wax concentrates. Further, some concentrate and wax vaporizers can also function as both a wax vaporizer and a nectar collector, with a variety of accessories that add up to its repertoire of features.

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Why Use Concentrate and Wax Vaporizers?

Aside from the obvious fact that concentrate and wax vaporizers are only devices that can turn extracts into vapor, there are many reasons why one should consider trying out these products — and one of them is safety. Instead of having to wield a blow torch when dabbing with wax, many see the safety benefits of using a battery-operated device.

Battery-powered vaporizers, like concentrate and vapes, have less likelihood to cause fire or even cause physical damage to the user. That’s because the heating elements of these products are designed to cut off when the button on the device is released. Moreover, today’s manufacturers have also equipped their products with safety features such as automatic cut off and other amenities.

Best Concentrate and Wax Vaporizers products

Knowing where to put your money when investing in a concentrate and wax vaporizer could be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular concentrate and wax vapes on the market today. Here are a few.

Lookah Unicorn

The Lookah Unicorn is an example of a concentrate and wax vaporizer that takes one’s experience to the next level without breaking the bank. Its features include magnetic connections, quick connect percolators with airflow control, a built-in over-voltage and short-circuit protection, and RGB lighting.

Puffco Proxy

Another unique concentrate and wax vaporizer is the Puffco Proxy. It is designed to resemble a classic pipe, but instead of containing ground dry herb strains, it vaporizes wax concentrates. Notable features of the Puffco Proxy include pre-set temperature settings, a ceramic wax bowl, and a sealed 3D wax chamber. It’s perfect for people who want to get medicated while still looking classy.

Yocan Rex Portable Enail Vaporizer Kit

Last, but in no ways the least, is the Yocan Rex Portable Enail Vaporizer Kit. This wax vaporizer and concentrate vape is equipped with a 1400-milliampere battery and has good water pipe compatibility. It is also affordable and easily available.

Accessories to Have when using Concentrate and Wax Vaporizers

Concentrate and wax vaporizers are already capable devices on their own. However, mixing them alongside a slew of accessories makes your experience even better. Things you might want to consider include coils and atomizers as concentrate and wax vaporizers primarily use these heating elements to vaporize wax and extracts.

There are also glass attachments and other adaptors that can definitely up the ante whether you’re taking on a solo session or if you’re partaking with a group.