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Lookah Vaporizers is one of the companies that have dominated the mid-range vaporizer market, price-wise. Their products are relatively affordable but still provide great features and better durability compared to cheaply made vaporizers that are in the same segment. The brand predominantly makes wax and oil vapes but also launches dry herb vaporizers from time to time. Lookah Vaporizers are also known for making multi functional devices that are surprisingly versatile, which makes them a solid all in one vaporizer.

Interested to see what vapes you’ll find in Lookah Vaporizer’s roster? Come join us and get to know the company better.

Affordable and Reliable

Before companies like Lookah Vaporizers came into the picture, the words affordability and reliability never went in the same sentence together. That’s because cheap devices were usually made with cheap components and will typically break down pretty much in a week — or if you’re lucky — in a month’s time. Sadly, that was the reality of the industry: you get what you pay for.

Lookah Vaporizers, however, wanted to make products that were somewhat dependable despite having an affordable price tag. Instead of having to create vaporizers using cheap raw materials, the company sourced them in large quantities to get a better price. With that, Lookah Vaporizers was able to pass that savings to its customers and therefore offer affordable and reliable products for those who want to use a vaporizer while still on a budget.

So, for those who are hunting for good quality vapes without breaking the bank, Lookah Vaporizers might have the right product for you.

Multi-functional Vaporizers

As we briefly covered above, one of the reasons why Lookah Vaporizers rose to popularity is because of the brand’s multi purpose vaporizers that are — as you might have guessed it — also affordable. One good example is the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus that not only works as a vape pen but also functions as a nectar collector. It can allow owners to switch between using oils and wax concentrates seamlessly providing better value than similarly priced products. So, instead of buying just one vaporizer, the Lookah Seahorse Pro offers the value of two for the price of one.

Lookah Vaporizers also released the Lookah Seahorse X all in one vaporizer, which on top of working as a vape pen, nectar collector, and oil pen, can also be attached to a water pipe. The latter will turn your bong into a solid electronic dab rig and will allow you to enjoy the benefits of water filtration and moisture conditioning in your dab sessions. Instead of paying for an expensive e-rig, all you can do is buy the Lookah Seahorse X and have fun experiencing multiple consumption modes with your favorite wax concentrates.

And while we’re on the topic of electronic dab rigs or e-rigs...

A Cheap Alternative

Lookah Vaporizers has recognized the growing demand for electronic dab rigs. These e-rigs, while offering superior vaporization compared to dab pens and vape pens, are usually priced more expensive than their mini counterparts. That said, many consumers sacrifice the quality of their sessions simply because investing in an e-rig is not practical.

So, Lookah Vaporizers created a new product that would offer these consumers a solution: the Lookah Unicorn. The Lookah Unicorn is a decent product that offers the functionality and performance of devices that are twice or even thrice its price. It even comes with a revolutionary magnetic connection, RGB lighting, built-in over voltage and short circuit protection, as well as a borosilicate glass bubbler.

It’s a great product that will surely offer consumers better experience without breaking the bank.

And for those who think that the Lookah Unicorn may be a little too big, the brand also released a smaller version of the commercially successful e-rig. The Lookah Unicorn Mini comes with everything the original Unicorn has but shrinks down the packaging into a more compact form factor. This will allow consumers to easily take the Looka Unicorn Mini with them should they plan to visit a friend’s house or maybe take a long trip around town. Other applications would be when you plan on vaping on a hike to the mountains or maybe when you’re going on an escapade to the beach.

Unique Vaporizers

Lookah Vaporizers’ latest drop is a unique device called the Bear. The Lookah Bear 510-threaded Vape Battery comes in as an inconspicuous device that will let you vape almost anywhere you want to. Since it looks pretty much like a toy and not a vaporizer, you can sneak it in places where you usually will get looks of disapproval.

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Why use Lookah Vaporizers?

Lookah Vaporizers are products that target the budget-friendly market as the vaporizers are priced affordably and are within reach of most vape consumers. That said, it does cover a wide market and offers a solution for the majority of vaporizer users globally.

Best Lookah Vaporizers Products

Lookah Vaporizers has a solid lineup of devices, which might feel daunting for beginners, especially because it would be challenging to find a vaporizer from its large library of products. Luckily, we’ve sifted through Lookah Vaporizer’s roster and selected a few noteworthy vaporizers for you to try out.

Lookah Swordfish Vaporizer

The Lookah Swordfish Vaporizer is a great product for those looking to get into wax vaporization. The Lookah Swordfish boasts a 950-miliampere (mAh) battery, a reliable glass mouthpiece, automatic pre-heat function, and 710-threaded coils. For those who do not know, 741-threaded coils are usually more powerful than 510-threaded atomizers since they offer larger heating elements that their smaller counterparts.

Lookah Snail 2.0 Vaporizer

The Lookah Snail 2.0 Vaporizer is perfect for consumers that are into oil vaporization. It comes with a snail-like battery that boasts 350 mAh capacity. It works with major 510-threaded cartridges so you can use your favorite pre-filled carts and even consume your own oil brew with refillable cartridges. Its easy single button operation makes it user friendly not only for vape veterans but also for beginners as well.

Lookah Unicorn Vaporizer

Of course we were going to include the Lookah Unicorn Vaporizer in this list. It comes with a solid battery, Quick Connect Percolators with Airflow Control, RGB Light Information and Haptic Feedback, Built-in Over Voltage and Short Circuit Protection, and an Easy to Clean Design. Best of all, it has an affordable price tag.

Accessories to Have When Using Lookah Vaporizers

Lookah Vaporizers manufactures a wide variety of replacement parts and accessories to support its ever-growing list of products. We strongly suggest looking into the company’s atomizers, coils, and cartridges as they can better improve your experience without costing you an arm and a leg. Meta Description: