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High Five Vaporizers is a brand that can be considered a newcomer in the industry. It made a name for itself at a time when electronic dab rigs or e-rigs were becoming popular. Falling along the ranks of Focus V, and other vaporizer manufacturers that had one solid product it builds the brand on, High Five Vaporizers makes it easy for its customers to decide which vaporizer to buy from its roster.

Interested to see what the brand has to offer? Join us and let’s get to know High Five Vaporizers a little better.

Wonderful Wax Vaporizers

High Five Vaporizers predominantly manufactures wax vaporizers and has since then stuck to making devices intended for the consumption of wax and other extracts. The company is dedicated to making some of the best devices that are designed and engineered to produce high-quality vapors without breaking the bank.

That said, High Five Vaporizers has been the go-to brand for consumers who want to make the most out of their money and want devices that not only look like they will last but also do last longer than the competition.

Additionally, High Five Vaporizers know that producing a continuous supply of accessories and replacement parts for the devices the company makes is key to converting customers into promoters. Unlike devices that will have owners throw them should any issue arise, High Five Vapes offer a high repairability rate and can be easily maintained, which essentially expands the product’s longevity.

This blueprint of how one makes wonderful wax vaporizers puts High Five Vapes in a good position in the business, which might just give the newcomer the lasting power it needs to ultimately cement its name as one of the greats of the modern vaping industry.

High-grade Materials

High Five Vaporizers also made sure to invest in high-grade materials as it knows that building high-grade devices from the ground up requires one to select the best raw materials one can find on the market. One good example is the use of titanium.

Titanium, for the uninitiated, has better corrosion resistance making it a really tough raw material as it basically means that any metal components made with titanium will not get rust or will not degrade overtime. For High Five Vaporizers, it used titanium for its wax bowl. Since the wax chamber is the part of the vaporizer that get exposed to the constant changes in temperature, it is the most prone to damage — both physical and chemical.

This means that if you use a High Five Vaporizer, there’s a solid chance that you will not inhale rust on your vapors as the wax chamber of its product will not corrode.

High Five Vaporizers also uses silicon carbide for its vaporizers. Silicon carbide can help you get more cleaner vapors thanks to its pure features. In addition, it is harder compared to other raw materials which means that it will not break as easy as ceramic or quartz. Not only will there be less to worry about in terms of replacing components but also in terms of affecting the quality of your sessions. High Five uses silicon carbide for its wax bowl.

Borosilicate Glass

Common to most of today’s vaporizers, the brand is also using lab-grade glass in the form of borosilicate glass. Compared to normal glass, borosilicate glass can better resist heat and therefore have better longevity compared to the typical glass piece.
Borosilicate glass also helps preserve the quality of your sessions as it prevents the vapors from getting a weird smell or taste unlike devices made with cheap components that generate vapors with a hint of burnt plastic or metal.

Cross-brand-friendly Accessories

High Five Vaporizers also makes accessories that allow owners of the High Five Duo to use the electronic rig with accessories from a different manufacturer — like Puffco.

The High Five Duo Puffco Peak Mouthpiece Adapter allows High Five Duo e-rig owners to basically use their devices with the mouthpiece from Puffco. If you happen to have a Puffco Peak mouthpiece lying around, then you’re in luck because you will be able to use it once again by simply buying this accessory adaptor.

These small and simple touches made High Five Vaporizers a brand that is well loved by the vaping community as it is a company whose goal aligns with serving the community.


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Why Use High Five Vaporizers?

High Five Vaporizers has made a really flexible and solid product in the form of the High Five Duo. Not only does it come with high-quality components, a really solid base, and cross-compatible accessories, but it will also not cost you an arm and a leg in the process.

Best High Five Vaporizer Products

To date, the most popular product sold by High Five Vapes is the High Five Duo. The company is also selling other e-nails and glass pieces but the company’s flagship product is the Duo. It is made with food-grade components, has precision temperature control, and is compatible with the Focus V Carta and the Puffco Peak, which makes it a reliable and versatile vaporizer for consuming a wide variety of wax concentrates and other forms of extracts.

Accessories to Have when using High Five Vaporizers

As we’ve briefly covered above, one of the best reasons to buy a High Five Duo Vaporizer is because of how many accessories the brand made for the vaporizer. One of them is the High Five Duo Titanium Bowl, which uses high-grade titanium. Meanwhile, owners can try to mix it up with the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) and the High Five Duo Quartz Bowl so they can get different experiences when consuming their favorite wax concentrates. Further, there is the High Five Duo Directional Carb Cap, High Five Duo Bent Glass Mouthpiece, and High Five Duo Carb Cap, which improves one’s dabbing experience overall.