Collection: Phoenician Grinders


Phoenician Grinders is a premium grinder brand aimed for premium herb consumers. The company has been making high-quality grinders that are intended for use by high rollers and those who want superior-quality grinders. The company is known not only for bling grinders but also for their medical-grade products. They create grinders that good enough for medical use so you can be sure of the quality of the pruduct they are putting out on the market.

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Game Changing Design

One of the reasons why Phoenician Grinders have been loved by many dry herb consumers is because the company has brought game changing design to the herb grinder industry. While most herb grinder brands simply copy the template of most popular grinder companies, Phoenician Grinders decided to carve its own path by bringing a breath of fresh air to the very constrained design language of herb grinders.

One new innovation shown by Phoenician Grinders is that they placed a built-in paper holder and ashtray on the top of the grinder. Something never done before, the products of Phoenician Grinders quickly caught the attention of consumers who have found what they were looking for in the innovative approach of Phoenician Grinders in developing its products. From here, Phoenician Grinders applied a few more innovative designs in their grinders.

Medical-Grade Grinders

As we have mentioned earlier, Phoenician Grinders are medical-grade grinders designed and engineered to provide its owners with superior performance you won’t find on any other grinder on the market. The goal of Phoenician Grinders is to cater to the needs of herb consumers who require a more stringent means of cutting their materials into small and finer pieces. For those who do not know, grinding the herbs allow the active ingredients to be better extracted from the flowers therefore offering maximum efficiency every session.

This means that all Phoenician Grinders offer better cutting and grinding ability all due to features that have been considered during the development of these products. The first of which is the threadless “quick lock.”

The Phoenician Quick Lock

Phoenician Grinders has developed a unique triple locking wedge mechanism which allows the conjoining and the unjoining of the grinder parts and sections. Phoenician Grinders describes its “quick lock” mechanism as being superior in every aspect compared to other grinders that use standard screw threads. According to Phoenician Grinders, its “quick lock” mechanism will never wear out, bind, or cross thread. In short, these threads will last longer than the competition.

Diametrically-cut Teeth

It is said that the design of a grinder’s teeth can dictate how well it performs. That said, the standard in herb grinders are diamond-cut blades as they are one of the most common shapes used thanks to their ability to easily cut the herbs regardless of any direction the herb grinder is turned. But Phoenician Grinders being Phoenician Grinders, they used diametrically-cut teeth instead of just following the standard.

These diametrically-cut teeth are, as Phoenician Grinders described them, designed to cut instead of shred. The result are cleaner breaks and more precise grinding. On that note, you can expect the herbs you are grinding to be cut and slashed instead of being just rolled up into one big ball and mashed together in a big lump.

Trapezoidal Holes

All Phoenician Grinders are equipped with trapezoidal holes that allow a certain size for the herbs to fall down to ensure that you will get a uniform cut when you grind your herbs. Compared to traditionally-designed circular holes, the trapezoidal holes works in conjunction with the abovementioned diametrically-cut teeth for better results.

Together, the trapezoidal holes as well as the diametrically-cut teeth will require only a few twists and turn of the grinder to finely cut the herbs. This shows just how well Phoenician Grinders engineer their products.

Removable Screens

Lastly, each Phoenician Grinders product is fitted with removable screen which means that they can easily be cleaned or replaced if necessary. One of the problems grinder users complain about is that the pollen screens can get too clogged and overtime can be difficult to clean.

In fitting Phoenician Grinders products with removable grinder, owners can easily maintain their herb grinders instead of buying a new one should the screen becomes damaged.