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Almost everybody who vapes might have heard of the company called Puffco. The brand specializes in making wax concentrate vaporizers that have been designed and developed to improve its customers’ overall vaping experience. The company was one of the first few marques to make vaporizers that are better in quality compared to the products sold at the time. That said, Puffco has elevated and contributed to the growth and development of the industry’s wax vaporizer segment, and the people behind it befittingly reap the benefits of their labors.

Let’s get to know Puffco better and find out why you should be making the right investment by buying vaporizers made by this company.

Pioneers in Wax Vaporization

As we have briefly covered earlier, Puffco’s history goes way back from when vaporizer pens were considered as cheap and probably unsafe alternatives for wax concentrate consumption. That said, Puffco is a brand considered as a pioneer in wax concentrate vaporization and has made wax pens that have helped revolutionize the industry for the better.

Before Puffco entered the scene, vape pens were usually made with cheap materials like plastic and other components that might cause harmful effects to one’s health when exposed to heat, like glues and other adhesives. On that note, using vape pens for wax consumption at that time might be detrimental to one’s health compared to today as many wax vapes are considered as devices that can help medicating patients to actually manage their condition.

Puffco, envisioning a safer way of vaping wax concentrates, have started using high-quality components for their products. Things like medical-grade raw materials, high-grade ceramic, and high-quality quartz are just some of the staples of Puffco’s vaporizer library and what helped made the brand produce vaporizers that are not only safe for daily consumption but also durable and reliable.

In addition, Puffco’s Chief Executive Officer reportedly brought together the elements of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco. The perfect recipe for a product that will last for ages was thus born.

Built In-house

One of the advantages of Puffco over its competitors is that the brand’s products are built in-house. For those who do not know, it is common practice for many vaporizer companies to rebadge or rebrand common vaporizer products from countries like China. That is why you see a lot of vaporizers that look pretty much like each other with very minor differences here and there.

To make sure that Puffco delivers vaporizers that are unique and give their users exclusive experinece, they make their products in-house. According to Puffco, it staffed an experienced in-house team of professionals which include engineers and developers who are focused solely in giving every user the ability to unlock the power of extracts.

Puffco believes that vaporizers used by their customers should be developed, designed, and made by people who consume — just like me and you. On that note, this “for us, by us” motto kind of helped Puffco earn the respect of its customers and the vaping community in general. Overtime, those who have tried using Puffco’s products eventually found out the difference from using Puffco’s vaporizers compared to the competition.

Constantly Setting the Standard

If there’s any vaporizer company considered to be constantly setting the standard in wax concentrate vaporizers, that’s got to be Puffco. One of the brand’s first-ever product (the Puffco Plus) has been considered the golden standard in wax pens for quite some time thanks to features that have redefined on-the-go wax concentrate consumption altogether. Puffco Plus had an all-ceramic wax chamber, which meant that it was able to vaporize wax concentrates without ever having to reach the point of combustion. The result was a safe and simple way of consuming wax that was copied by many vaporizer brands in the years to come.

Later, Puffco proved that it was still setting the standards — and on that note, pretty high — when it released the Puffco Peak, the world’s first popular electronic dab rig or e-rig. The Puffco Peak’s blueprint can still be seen on many of today’s e-rigs thanks to the iconic triangular design of the device. Later, addition enhancements were also copied by other brands like RGB lighting and additional features that improved the customers’ overall experience.

Today, Puffco is known as a premium vaporizer brand that offer devices giving people their money’s worth. If you feel like you want a device made by a trailblazing company, then products from Puffco might be the right ones for you.

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Why Use Puffco?

Puffco vaporizers are among the best devices the industry has to offer. With a long history of making superior-quality vaporizers and devices that set the standards high, Puffco is a company that needs no introduction. Puffco is a company best suited for consumers with high standards in wax concentrate consumption.

Best Puffco Products

It’s only normal to expect that all of Puffco’s products are top-notch. However, it is still important to find the right device for you that will be worth putting your money into. Luckily, our team has compiled a quick list of some of the best vaporizers that have ever worn the Puffco branding. Following this list will help you make a better buying decision, saving you money in the process.

Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer

Puffco later updated the Puffco Pus and released the V2 version of the famed nameplate. Trhe Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer comes with features like an improved mouthpiece, longer battery life, preset temperature profiles, and a pressure-sealed bowl.

Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer

Puffco also released the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer, which was best suited for consumers who have demanding needs but are always on the go. The Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer has a large ceramic bowl, three temperature settings, a solid battery, and the famous “Sesh Mode,” that keeps on heating the wax from low to high settings which allows owners to enjoy the full spectrum offered by their extracts.

Puffco Peak

Of course, we have the Puffco Peak. This is the world’s first-ever popular e-rig and served as the template for many e-rigs to come. The Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer has things like a glass carb cap, a glass bubbler, premium ceramic cup nail, a stable base, and a few other features that separated it from the sea of e-rigs that were prevalent in the market.

Accessories to Have When Using Puffco Vaporizers

Puffco has developed proprietary vaporizer accessories to go along with its devices. It meant that you will not easily get these accessories but that they offered excusive performance compared to the general vaporizers found on the market. They range from heating elements, batteries, mouthpieces, and other accessory packs.