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Arizer is one of the early vaporizer brands on the market with a solid reputation for producing some of the best products known to consumers. That said, Arizer is a name that would sound familiar to veteran vaporizer users as it is one of the companies that has placed affordable modern-day vaporizer devices on the map.

Here are some of the reasons why Arizer is favored by experienced consumers all around the globe.

An Established Company

As we’ve briefly covered above, Arizer is an established company that has been around for as long as we can remember. That said, they have made and manufactured products like desktop vaporizers as well as portable vapes that have stood the test of time.

One of the best examples of how seasoned this brand is it’s the V-Tower — a classic device that may look old design-wise, but can still outperform newer products on the market. This desktop dry herb vaporizer is made using the best raw materials on the market from the device’s exterior housing down to its electrical components. This same recipe is what makes Arizer’s product so good. They make vaporizers using some of the industry’s best raw materials such as lab-grade glass, medical-spec hoses, aerospace-grade metal, and a whole lot more.

Unlike cheap products that feel like they’re going to break the moment you handle them, Arizer’s devices looks and definitely feels premium. The have a weight to it that tell you you’re handling a good-quality vaporizer that was made with superior craftsmanship and time-tested methods.

Overall, the hallmark design of Arizer’s vaporizers is rugged and durable. This reflects the reliability of their products, all thanks to the quality of materials used from the ground up. Arizer does not compromise the quality of their vaporizers, just like they do not want to compromise their customer’s experience.

Known for its Technological Features

Arizer is also credited to be one the first companies to have developed a vaporizer with a removable battery, a proof of the brand’s technological prowess in the vaping industry. Removable batteries mean that you don’t always have to find an electric outlet for when you take your vaporizer with you when you’re out and about. All you need is to bring extra batteries and you can continue your sessions almost anywhere you are.

Back in the day, batteries are big and bulky — plus they do not carry that much charge so a large battery can typically last you an hour of so of vaping. On that note., it is important to have a means of continuing your session, especially if you want to vape when you’re out on a hike, when you’re taking a stroll around town, or maybe just staying over at your friend’s house during the weekend.

Arizer vapes are also known for offering precision temperature settings, unlike other devices that only have pre-set temperature controls. Precision temperature means that an owner can adjust and dial down the cheat produced by the heating element down to the smallest detail to get the result he or she wants. This means that improved personalization can easily be achieved whether you’re at home or on the go.

More on technology, Arizer is one of the vaporizer companies that specialize in producing convection vapes. For the uninitiated, convection vaporizers vaporize herbs with the use of hot air as compared to directly blasting the ground herbs with heat directly from the heated surface. Since they have polished making convection heating elements, Arizer vaporizers are known for producing professional-quality vapors that will satisfy both recreational consumers and medicating patients.

Admired for its Versatilty

Arizer vaporizers have also been admired for their versatility. Unlike traditional desktop vapes that can only deliver vapors via a whip, desktop devices produced by Arizer can store vapors in balloons. Similarly, products like the Extreme-Q and the XQ2 offer balloon delivery methods to provide you with professional-quality vapors that can be stored in a medical-grade balloon.

Further, Arizer products come with a host of borosilicate glass attachments that can provide different consumption methods for inhaling vapors of dry herb strains.

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Why Choose Arizer?

Arizer is a brand that has made a name for itself by making high-quality vape products. As we’ve mentioned above, Arizer vaporizers are built using the industry’s best raw materials that’s why they last longer and perform better than their segment rivals.

Best Selling Products of Arizer

Arizer is a good brand, but knowing what products to put your money on will help you not waste both cash and time. Here are some of the best Arizer vaporizers worth looking at.

Arizer V-Tower

Looking at the Arizer V-Tower is like checking out a renaissance painting at the museum, it looks old but its appeal is timeless. Comparing it with new vaporizers is basically comparing apples and oranges. Highlights of the Arizer V-Tower include pure convection heating, precise digital temperature control, high-grade borosilicate glass pieces, and a glass cyclone bowl.

Arizer Argo

The Arizer Argo is the brand’s take on a portable vaporizer. It’s not exactly pocket friendly since its size is bulkier than the average smartphone. However, its large size means that it carries with it some of the best vaping components available like an isolated airpath and an all-glass vapor path, custom settings for temperature control, high-capacity and interchangeable batteries, and a meticulously engineered hybrid heating system.

Arizer Air Max

No, we’re not talking about the shoe. The Arizer Air Max is the smallest vaporizer the brand has to offer. It is extremely pocketable and can fit in most bags and pouches making a very portable dry herb vaporizer. It comes standard with Arizer’s advanced rapid heating ceramic technology, an isolated air path, an upgraded custom setting, and automatic screen inversion.

Types of Vapes Arizer Sells

Arizer strictly manufactures dry herb vaporizers and is probably the reason why they’re very good at it. This thing of sticking only to making vaporizer for botanicals have allowed the brand to master the skill it needs to make some of the best dry herb vaporizers the industry has to offer.