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Dry herb vaporizers are great devices for people who want to reap the benefits of their favorite flowers and botanical plant matter without the negative effects of combustion. These vaporizers are perfect for those who want to enjoy the natural flavors and the raw aroma of buds as well as those who want to really get the potent effect of its psychoactive active ingredients.

Interested to get to know more about dry herb vapes? Here are a few things you need to know.

Different Types of Heating

There’s more to dry herb vaporizers than meets the eye. And we think that the different types of heating available for dry herb vapes best encapsulate this idea that dry herb vaporizers have more to offer.

One of the heating technologies used by dry herb vapes is conductive heating. What that means is that the ground dry herbs are heated and vaporized through the heat that comes from a heated surface. The heat from the surface is transferred to the ground material, which then extracts the active ingredients from it.

This is one of the most basic heating technologies in vaporizers and it makes large vapors fast. However, this type of heating could potentially burn the herbs when you are not careful. That said, you must be careful and stir the herbs from time to time to prevent combustion.

Conversely, other — more expensive vaporizers — might use convection heating. This extracts the active ingredients from the ground materials by using hot air. This is often considered the golden standard in dry herb vaping since convection heating creates the purest clouds with high flavor and aroma retention.

Despite its famed results, convection heating makes fairly thin vapors and requires owners of dry herb vaporizers that use this technology to constantly reload their devices, since convection vapes are recommended to be packed with herbs just lightly.

Temperature Control

Another benefit of using a dry herb vaporizer is that it gives owners control over their sessions, temperature-wise. Instead of having to just burn through the herbs, like when you’re smoking a joint, consuming botanicals using a dry herb vaporizer lets you customize your sessions by adjusting the temperature level.

Lower temperature profiles mean that you get to enjoy thin vapors that are as flavorful as they are aromatic. Meanwhile, the middle temperature settings let you enjoy the perfect balance between flavor and potency. Finally, the higher the temperature levels allow you to focus on the potency and psychoactive effects of your materials.

Selecting from these temperature settings is fairly simple and even beginners can easily familiarize themselves in the process of selecting the right voltage level. It also allows you to explore the various effects of consuming herbs and let you find the right high for you.

Some dry herb vaporizers have pre-set temperature settings where you can only select a pre-determined choice of temperatures, while others have precision temperature settings where you can literally fine-tune the temperature setting down to the smallest detail.

Various Heating Elements

Dry herb vaporizers also use a wide variety of heating elements to vaporize your select flowers and ground plant matter.

Most common for dry herb vaporizers are pancake coils. These heating elements use a coil to extract the active ingredients of your herbs. One benefit to using these coils is that they produce heat fast, but they can somehow burn the herbs. Otherwise, vape users employ ceramic coils. These heating elements, on the other hand, burn slow — therefore preventing combustion of your herbs.

The two aforementioned heating elements are examples of conduction heating styles.
Meanwhile, some devices still use coils but somehow separates it from the chamber. Instead, the air drawn when you pull from the mouthpiece vaporizes the herbs. More often, these coils are used on convection vapes as they produce heat faster and aid in non-contact vaporization of dry herbs.

The above mentioned coil setup is an example of convection heating.

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Why Use Dry Herb Vaporizers?

As we’ve briefly covered earlier, many consumers decide to use dry herb vaporizers because it allows them to reap the benefits of their favorite herbs without the downsides of combustion. Yes, there are still risks as you can still burn the herbs if you are not careful but you can literally remove this risk by adjusting the temperature level and understanding how to use your dry herb vaporizer.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Products

There are a lot of dry herb vaporizers on the market, and here at VapoCorner, it is our mission to help our customers find the right devices that’s worth their hard-earned money. Here are some of the best dry herb vapes today’s market has to offer.

Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer

The Yocan Vane Portable Vaporizer is one of the more modern (or you can say next-generation) dry herb vaporizers offered by Yocan. It comes with some of the more advanced features found on new dry herb vapes like a 1,100-milliampere (mAh) battery, USB type-C charging, a Digital OLED Display, Precision Temperature Control, a Ceramic Heating Chamber, Smart Vibration Notification, Automatic Shut-Off, and a Magnetic Mouthpiece.

Wulf Mods Flora Dry Herb Vaporizer

Those on the market for a simple, yet capable dry herb vaporizers can find what they are looking for in the Wulf Mods Flora Dry Herb Vaporizer. This device boasts an Anodized Aluminum Body, a 1,000mAh battery, USB type-C Charging Technology, a Magnetic Mouthpiece, a Removable Ceramic Filter, and Five Preset Voltage Settings, allowing owners to select various temperature levels for personalization.

Yocan Hit Vaporizer

The Yocan Hit Vaporizer is the vaporizer company’s take on a modern dry herb vaporizer with a convection oven. That said, features to expect when you purchase the Yocan Hit Vaporizer include a Convection Oven, an OLED Display, a Built-In Stir Tool, and Smart Vibration, to name a few.

Accessories to Have When Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

Since dry herb vaporizers are the first devices to put on the market, it is not surprising to see the wealth of accessories compatible with these products. However, some of the most notable accessories available for dry herb vaporizers include a brush (that usually comes in the packaging) and replacement mouthpieces (because it gets dirty really quick).

It’s also important to get a hold of a grinder as these accessories can help you get herbs that are cut to precision.