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PAX Labs, makers of PAX vaporizers, is a company that has dedicated its time, effort, and funds in manufacturing some of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. The brand has contributed a lot to dry herb vaping thanks to its dedication in delivering the best dry herb vaping experience to the general vaping community who are composed mainly of recreational consumers and medicating patients. That said, the company’s products are deeply rooted in serving these two consumer categories and are made and manufactured as high-quality vaporizers that can provide dry herb enthusiast with superior and professional quality products.

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A Forward-thinking Company

PAX Labs considers itself as a forward-thinking company and a brand that does not only does its best to keep up with the trends but create products that dictate the trends and are even ahead of their times. That’s because PAX Labs is backed by a group of similar-minded people that think of the future not only of the present.

Vaporizers produced by PAX Labs were the first few devices to sport some of the most innovative technologies in the vaporizer industry. Things like precision temperature control, intuitive user interfaces and controls, and the integration of a smartphone application for better overall controls. Heck, PAX Labs even built a vaporizer that you can play games on! How clever is that?

Overall, PAX Labs designs its products differently than its competitors. Instead of looking at what its customers currently need (like vape function, battery life, and heating elements), the company also thinks about what their customers will need in the future should they decide to invest in PAX Labs’ vaporizers.

That forward-thinking concept and mentality has earned PAX Labs the respect of the vaping community and of the customers that are looking for a vaporizer that’s simply a cut above the rest. On that note, PAX Labs vapes have earned the reputation of being high-quality devices that were built by thinking outside of the box. If you feel like this design and development method suits you, then you should really consider checking out the products offered by PAX Labs.

Quality Wax and Oil Vapes

And while PAX Labs did start off predominantly as a dry herb vaporizer company, it did eventually work on wax vaporizers and oil vapes. Like the dry herb vapes they made, PAX Labs’ extract devices were also commercially successful thanks to the company’s way of developing and making high-quality vapes.

Since most of the vaporizer manufacturers at the time PAX Labs were developing its wax and oil vapes were keen on using cartridges and other cheap forms of containing the oily extracts, PAX Labs went the other way and used pods. It did seem like a pretty sensible move as PAX Labs was known for its herb chambers that looked a lot like pods, so using oil and wax pods pretty much gave the company design continuity in terms of how its products looked and a unique identity allowing various consumers to easily recall and remember their devices.

This move proved to be correct as many wax and oil consumers were drawn into the idea of using pods. PAX Labs even released infographic charts about the advantages of using pods in terms of getting fuller flavor from start to finish and getting no unwanted CBN in the process.

A Suite of Compatible Accessories

On top of making high-quality herb vapes, wax vapes, and oil vapes, PAX Labs also developed a suite of accessories that are compatible with its products so its customers will have a better experience when it comes to personalization and customization in general.

PAX Labs has developed things like proprietary charging technology that are pretty similar to how one charges a pair of wireless earbuds or a smartwatch today. They also made various designs of mouthpieces to try and spice things up for their customers. Plus, they also made cleaning kits and lubricants so the products bought by their customers will last long. This means that PAX Labs has created a whole ecosystem where their customers can purchase products, accessories, and replacement parts that are entirely unique and exclusive.

And while many will say that it can be difficult to use a dry herb vape, wax vape, or an oil vape without readily-available parts, the ones produced by PAX Labs boast superior quality, dependability, and reliability compared to the easily-accessible products one can cop on the market.

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1. Why Use PAX Labs?

Products made by PAX Labs are built with forward-thinking engineers and developers. That means they are a cut above the rest when it comes to how the vaporizers look, how they perform, and what technological features they can offer. So, if you want a future forward device, make sure to check out the products from PAX Labs.

2. Best PAX Labs Products

PAX Labs, as we briefly covered above, are built by people who think outside of the box. That said, all of its products are good, but deciding which one of them is worthy of your hard-earned money can be pretty challenging, especially if it is just the first time you’ve heard about the company. Luckily, we have selected some of the best PAX Labs products for you.

PAX 1 Vaporizer

The PAX 1 Vaporizer, as the name suggests, is the first device put out by the company. It is a high-quality herb vape with an all-metal bowl, three preset temperature settings, a 45-minute battery life (which is really something back in the day), and has a pop-up mouthpiece.

PAX 2 Vaporizer

For its second outing, PAX Labs improved the technology and design offered by the PAX 1 Vaporizer. PAX 2 Vaporizer came with a magnetic oven lid, a stainless-steel herb chamber, lip and motion sensing technology, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, four preset temperature settings, and a brushed aluminum finish that gave it an overall premium look.

PAX 2 is also now compatible with wax concentrates.

PAX 3 Vaporizer

The third installment from the PAX line of vapes was the aptly named PAX 3 Vaporizer. It is also capable of vaporizing herb and wax like its predecessor and had improved features overall. They come in the form of mobile application control compatibility, vibration notifications, a host of medical-grade materials, four heat modes, four preset temperature profiles, and a larger 3,500-milliampere battery.

3. Accessories to Have When Using PAX Labs Vaporizers

Some of the accessories compatible with PAX Labs vaporizers include different style mouthpieces, replacement chargers and charging docks, cleaning kits, lubricants, and O-rings to keep the components of PAX Labs’ vaporizers tightly sealed.