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Boundless Technology is one of the vape companies that have started out by making dry herb vaporizers. Later, the brand jumped into the wax bandwagon and have produced extract vapes. Both Boundless Technology’s botanical and concentrate vapes have won the hearts and respect of consumers — both the recreational users and medicating patients.

Interested to see why many vape users have at some point used a Boundless vaporizer? Join us to find out.

Sleek and Sexy Design

Products sold by Boundless Technology have caught the attention of vape users thanks to their sleek and sexy design. When the time Boundless Technology came out, the industry was filled with weird and even awkward-looking devices as function was still the primary concern of manufacturers and style only come third or second.

Design cues like grooves and indents on the surface was a staple on Boundless Technology vaporizers. They were also dressed in stylish black cases that either come with or without screens. Additionally, they were designed with wavy lines, which made them look premium compared to other devices on the market at that time.

The industry was then filled with devices designed to look like tech-heavy products and seeing vaporizers that were made to look like luxury vapes — while still being priced reasonably — was a breath of fresh air, and people were digging it.

While Boundless Technology definitely produced high-quality devices, it also created statement pieces.

Honorable Beginnings

Boundless Technolgy started out with the goal of spreading awareness and responsible use of aromatherapy devices. The company can be credited to helping pave the way to making today’s vaporizer a mainstream product. Since vapes back in the day was most of the time frowned upon, creating a good image of vaporizers was important.
That said, the company’s humble beginnings helped it create a solid foundation for developing high-quality vaporizers.

Rooted in good-willed gesture, Boundless Technology’s products reflect the company’s aim of promoting responsible vaporizer use. Things like precision temperature control, professionally developed settings, and products packed with safety features are also reasons why the vaping community have liked vaporizers released by the brand.

Boundless Technology Dry Herb Vapes

As we briefly covered above, Boundless Technology started making dry herb vapes. Its products included models like the Boundless CF, Boundless CFV, Boundless CFC, Boundless CFC 2.0, and the Boundless CFX. A few things these products have in common are premium heating elements, convection (or hybrid) heating, and professional-level temperature control.

Premium heating elements involve the use of medical-grade raw materials like high-quality stainless-steel and quartz. Compared to other raw materials, they leave very little to no effects when exposed to high temperature levels. That said, they help preserve the overall quality of the ground botanical plant matter being vaporized. Users of Boundless Technology vaporizers do not get a whiff of burn plastic or metal when vaping. Further, they do not taste a hint of plastic or metal when inhaling the vapors produced by any of the brand’s products.

In terms of the company’s use of professional-level temperature control, it gave owners of Boundless Technology vapes the freedom they need when selecting the temperature profile they prefer. Lower temperature settings allow for the consumption of light and flavorful clouds while higher temperature levels, on the other hand, have a more pronounced psychoactive effect. Meanwhile, using the mid-range temperature setting provide effects that are dab smack in the middle of the aforementioned two.

Boundless Technology Wax Vapes

Boundless Technology also dabbled in manufacturing dab pens. The company produced the Boundless Terp Pen and the Boundless Terp Pen XL — two wax vaporizers that have been commercially successful in the vape industry.

Like the abovementioned dry herb vaporizers, Boundless Technology’s wax pens were also made with the same professionalism that put the company on the map. Things like ceramic heating coils and medical-grade stainless steel make these products appealing to those with high tastes. The Boundless Terp Pen XL came with preset voltage levels that allowed its owners to adjust the temperature of the nectar collector style device.

Moreover, both these vaporizers offered draw-activated operation, which make them unique and ahead of their time.

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Why Choose Boundless Technology?

Boundless Technology is a brand that appeals to vaporizer users who want to use a premium product. On that note, those looking for a high-quality device that makes use of medical-grade components can find what they’re looking for with Boundless Technology vapes.

Best Selling Products of Boundless Technology.

While Boundless Technology is a good brand altogether, it’s still important to know which of the company’s products are great as it will save you time and money otherwise used to try out not-so-good products. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best ones for you.

Boundless Terp Pen

Thanks to the growing popularity of wax vaporizers, the Boundless Terp Pen has been one of the company’s best-selling products. The nectar collector-style dab pen or wax pen is equipped with a 300-milliampere (mAh) battery, ceramic heating coils, and a fast-heating element. That said, owners can expect quick results when using the Boundless Terp Pen.

Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV is also a strong product from the brand’s lineup. It has won the hearts and earned the respects of many thanks to its full-convection airflow technology that evenly vaporizes the ground materials in the device’s herb chamber. This means that no materials are unnecessarily burnt and that the vapors are always light with the perfect balance of flavor and potency. It also comes with precision temperature control, which is also nice.

Boundless CFC

Boundless Technology’s CFC dry herb portable vaporizer is also a good choice for those looking to reap the benefits of their favorite dry herb strains. Despite its small size, it does have a large ceramic oven, precision temperature control, and a solid 1,900mAh battery, making it ideal for home use or when you’re just out and about and would like to take your sessions with you.

Types of Vapes Boundless Technology Sells.

Boundless Technology sells both dry herb vaporizers and wax vapes. The company has specialized in the former but have proven to be as adept in making the latter. Check out Boundless Technology’s product lineup here at VapoCorner.