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Stache Products is a vaporizer company that has been in the industry for quite a while. Its product lineup, which used to just attract traditional consumers, suddenly blew up and gained traction with modern vaporizer enthusiasts. Since then, Stache Products has been on the radar of vape buyers who are on the market for a reasonably priced device that’s made by a vaporizer brand they can trust.

Interested to find out what Stache Products has to offer for you? Join us and see if this is the right vape brand that would suit your budget and vaping needs.

A Storied Brand

Stache Products started its journey in 2015, just a few years shy from the company reaching its first decade in the vaping industry. That said, it has the experience you are looking for when scouting a company that can provide you with good-quality vaporizers. The years they have spent developing products and the time they have gained taking insights from actual vape users and their customers have endowed Stache Products with the right know-how when it comes to making good vaporizers.

Plus, the connections they have made over the years allowed them to build good business relationships with raw material suppliers where they can source superior and premium materials without the premium price.

With a good recipe for success, Stache Products was able to secure its name it the vaping industry. But its success did not happen overnight. For a while, Stache Products created products like electric nails or e-nails and grinders for cutting down herbs into small pieces.

It was in 2018 that Stache Products released the device that placed the brand on the map, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Reinventing Dabbing

If you’ve been listening to our story, Stache Products is a vape company that has a hard-core conventional consumption background. That’s why it was not surprising that they released a torch-powered dab rig that competed against electrically-powered ones. And it blew the competition away.

Like before, Stache Products’ release of its portable torch-powered rig immediately attracted the attention of veteran consumers who are used to handling such devices even when half baked, the news of a portable device that sort of eliminated the risks of dabbing with a torch but still had that kick you won’t find in an electric rig spread like wildfire. It was that good that it also made modern consumers — those who grew up with vapes — interested. And it blew their minds.

That said, Stache Products entered a dark knight into a joust fight and sort of won the competition over. Using Stache’s newest device eliminated all the complications and the unnecessary components of dabbing when using an electric rig or an e-rig. The power of combustion was all that some fans needed to reach that hard-hitting temperature profile that releases the psychoactive active ingredients we all love from wax concentrates.

It also eliminated the need to constantly charge batteries, something that e-rig users will have to deal with on the daily basis. What’s more is that it removed the need to wait for the battery to reach a full charge. Instead of wasting time and really holding back from taking that first draw when you start your session, using a torch-powered device gives customers that instant feedback allowing them to take a dab wherever they want it, when they want it.

Following Through

Stache Products knew it was able to build momentum and the company took the time to follow through its success. Stache Products collaborated with various artists and glassmakers to build unique pieces that will keep their customers coming for more.
Some of Stache Products’ notable collaborative works include products made in partnership with Conviction Glass, Warwick Glass Turtle, Handle Glass, and Heady Glass. These products turned out to be real bangers as they quickly sold out, proving that the brand’s customers are always looking out for the latest releases from Stache Products.

Speaking of latest products, Stache Products was consistent in delivering new items to its store. They even have merchandise that range from fanny packs, tank tops, shirts, backpacks, caps, jackets, and even embroidered patches.

Stache products definitely has new things in store for its customers who are looking for new things to either show their support for the brand or simply be a proud Stache Products customer.

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Why Use Stache Products?

Stache Products is a company that banks on its experience to deliver superior products that not only go against the flow but also are aimed to provide its customers the best vaping experience they can’t get anywhere else. If you think you want a company that makes brave and bold moves, then Stache Products might be a vape brand you can associate yourself with.

Best Stache Products

Stache Products has accumulated a decent amount of products over the years. What we love about them is that the products they put out are not just pulled out of the shelves but have become a consistent part of the vape industry. Here are a few items Stache Products has to offer.

Stache Products RiO (Rig in One)

Putting the brand on the map was the Stache Products RiO. This is a torch-powered rig that relies on the power of combustion to deliver huge clouds of vapor that will definitely melt your face. Featured is a high-quality quartz banger, a high-grade glass bubbler, a high-quality glass carb cap, and an integrated torch. Keeping it all together is a 3D-printed resin housing that can be had in a variety of designs.

Stache Products Skruit

The Stache Products Skruit is an oil vaporizer that can accept major cartridges with 510-threaded connections. This device is for the oil lovers who are into consuming essential oils for their smooth and calming effects. The cartridge is hidden inside the battery so you can remain inconspicuous even when dabbing in public places. Its battery can be charged using micro-USB charging technology.

Stache Products Slim Battery

Stache Products’ Slim Battery is a universal vape battery that can be used with a wide variety of atomizers and coils. That said, it can be used as both a wax pen or a dry herb pen. It has a 400-milliamp battery (mAh) with three preset temperature levels. This allows consumers to add a variety of personalization and customization options when dabbing of vaping herbs and flowers.

Accessories to Have When Using Stache Products Vaporizers

The noteworthy accessories from Stache products’ library rotate around the Stache Products RiO. On that note, we recommend getting their glass bubblers, glass bangers, and 3D-printed housings.