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Vaporizer manufacturers have always been in a competition to be ahead of the industry. That said, they have been constantly improving their products and bring us new devices, like electric nectar collectors.

Electric nectar collectors are an innovative version of their traditional counterparts, which make them ideal devices for today’s generation of consumers. For one, electric nectar collectors are safer as they no longer require the use of blowtorches and other means of heating. Also, they are simpler and are easier to use, which makes them good choices for beginners and advanced consumers alike.
Here’s a quick look at these modern-day dabbers.


Electric nectar collectors are powered by batteries unlike their predecessors that rely on blowtorches and other traditional sources of heat. This means that owners will no longer have to worry about burning a finger or hurting themselves while reaping the benefits of their favorite wax concentrates.

And while we’re in the topic of reaping benefits, one arguably important benefit of using an electric nectar collector is that you no longer have to worry about using a lighter when you’re half baked. Those who are into really getting their faces melted during a session may find it difficult to wield a blowtorch when they’re lightly medicated. That said, using a battery-operated device removes the worry of having to correctly point the fire at a small dab tip.

Further, this means that you drastically reduce the potential for your sessions becoming a fire hazard.

Light and Portable

In relation to basically dropping the need for a blowtorch, using an electric nectar collectors means that you no longer have to lug around large torches if you want to take your sessions with you when you take a hike, go to a party, or partake in a group session.

Since electric nectar collectors are basically powered by a battery, then the process of bringing the device wherever you need to go is simplified. Instead of having to think twice about using a nectar collector when you visit a friend who lives out of town, or simply when you hop from one bar to another during the weekend, you can easily grab your favorite device and enjoy the advantages of this modern honey straw.

Most electric nectar collectors are packed with batteries ranging from 650 milliamperes (mAh) to 1,400mAh, so it’s safe to say that they will fit on most bags, pouches, pockets, and even in the palm of your hands. In conjunction, they are also lighter allowing a user to carry it around town without having to be weighed down.

Dab Without Limits

One of the advantages of using a nectar collector is that you are not limited to the size of the wax chamber. While most consumers have to bear with the small size of the wax concentrate chamber of dab pens and vape pens, an electric nectar collector allows dabbing directly from the wax jar. This means you can consume as much wax concentrates as you can in a single session — no need to reload again.

How nectar collectors or honey straws work is that you simply have to hover or dip the heating tip on wax concentrates instead of having to load small doses into a wax chamber. On that note, electric nectar collectors are preferred by advanced consumers who have developed a specific tolerance to the psychoactive effects of wax concentrates.

This means that recreational consumers who have high tolerance to wax concentrates can reach their high without having to constantly packing and reloading their devices.

Compatible with Various Accessories

Electric nectar collectors are compatible with various accessories that are meant to improve your overall vaping experience. One good example is a glass bubbler. A glass bubbler allows users to experience water filtration and moisture conditioning, which basically enhances the purity and reduces the harshness of the vapor produced by an electric nectar collector.

In some cases, electric nectar collectors may even come with a heated knife, which allows owners to easily cut through hardened wax concentrates and portion the materials they have for planned use.

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Why Use Electric Nectar Collectors?

One of the main reasons why consumers use electric nectar collectors is that they allow the consumption of larger doses of wax concentrates in one go. Let’s face it, having to reload a dab pen or a vape pen may take several minutes — and when you’re doing it when you’re out and about — a little bit of skill.

An electric nectar collector will give you the chance to take in as much active ingredients as you need to satisfy your needs. All without having to scoop from your wax jar, place the wax on the chamber, and remove and replace your mouthpiece.

Best Electric Nectar Collector products

It’s surprising to see the surge of electric nectar collectors that have surfaced the internet. That said, it’s important that you find a guide that will help you put your hard-earned money where it belongs. Check out the list our team has made for you.

1. Yocan Flame Nectar Collector Vaporizer

The Yocan Flame Nectar Collector Vaporizer is one of the latest vaporizer products from the Shenzhen-based vaporizer manufacturer. Its highlights include a large 1,400-milliampere battery, USB type-C charging technology, a universal 510-threaded connection, a glass bubbler, and an adjustable airfow valve.

2. Wulf Modz Razr Nectar Collector Vaporizer and Hot Knife

A unique product from Wulf Modz, the Wulf Modz Razr Nectar Collector Vaporizer and Hot Knife is perfect for consumers who want a dual-purpose device. For obvious reasons, one can see that it functions not only as a vaporizer but also as a wax concentrate-cutting tool. It has variable voltage setting, magnetic connections, as well as an included knife tip for all your cutting needs.

3. Yocan Dive Mini Pen Vaporizer

The Yocan Dive Mini Pen Vaporizer is a great device for those trying out if using a nectar collector or a honey straw is the right consumption method for them. It has a smaller 400mAh battery, preset temperature levels, and a glass bubbler that can accommodate a decent amount of water for filtering and moisturizing purposes. This basic (but capable device) is significantly cheaper that other devices in its segment.

Accessories to Have When Using Electric Dab Pens

The market has a lot of accessories to offer those who are planning to try out electric dab rigs. However, some of the most popular ones are the glass bubblers and heating knives (or tips). They add value and function to electric honey straws, making them great choices for consumers who want more.