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Cloudious9 is a vape company that specializes in making dry herb vaporizers. It has placed its name on the map by producing botanical vaporizers that perform as good as they look. The devices put out by Cloudious9 are very unique not only in the way they look but also how they function. To-date, Cloudious9 has earned the approving nods of dry herb connoisseurs and hipsters alike for how aesthetic its vapes are.
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A Forward-looking Company

In almost any industry, innovation is the name of the game. Lucky for Cloudious9, the brand is leading the game. The forward-looking brand — thanks to its innovations — have become one of the most advanced vaporizer companies in today’s industry.
Before Cloudious9 entered the game, desktop vaporizers were large and clunky. They had to be really big to accommodate a large fan, a relatively large heating element, and other components used on traditional vaporizers. Further, it has been uncommon for desktop vaporizers to infuse the vapor with water. The process of water filtration and moisture conditioning is usually only seen on bongs and water pipes, and the way it blazes the herbs is not in any way close to vaporization.

Somehow, Cloudious9 managed to take the best of both worlds and merge it into one.
Cloudious9’s initial offering was a vaporizer that had an integrated water bubbler, which means that the clouds the device produces are free from the negative effects of combustion, plus it gets an additional boost from the water in the bubbler. The result was vapors, that Gizmodo: a design, technology, science and science fiction website, called “so damn good it’s impossible not to love it.”

The vapors offered by Cloudious9’s premiere vaporizer can satisfy not only recreational users but also those who consume dry herbs for medicinal purposes.

High-quality Raw Materials

Cloudious9 believes in building high-quality devices from the ground up, which means that the raw materials used by the company is likewise high-quality.

The body materials used by Cloudious9 for its first offering is made from space-grade anodized aluminum. The avant-garde metal was designed and engineered for aerospace use, which means that it is both lightweight and durable. Imagine having that kind of material house and protecting your vaporizer? It only shows how much the company values the overall quality of its products and how its customers would later perceive the brand.

Additionally, Cloudious9’s prime product came with lab-grade borosilicate glass. Now for those who do not know, borosilicate glass is known for its capability to withstand immense heat. It has been in use in laboratories as beakers, test tubes, and other lab equipment. The borosilicate glass used in this product was designed not to have immediate chemical effects to heat, therefore preserving the quality of the vapors.

Further, Cloudious9 also employed food-grade porcelain for the chamber of its product. What this does is that it further elevates not only the quality of the vapor produced by the vaporizer but also the safety of the customers using the device. Unlike other components that may give off unwanted smell or taste when heated, food-grade porcelain will faithfully preserve the flavor and the aroma of the herbs.

Liquid Filtration Modernized

Cloudious9 has modernized the traditional means of liquid filtration. Cloudious9 implemented a new approach to removing the impurities from the vapor, therefore creating smoother and cleaner clouds for medical consumers and recreational users to enjoy.

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Why Choose Cloudious9?

As we have mentioned above, Cloudious9 is a brand for the modern gentleman. Its devices are for the tech-savvy and for those who want the latest means of vaping. Plus, the host of high-quality components used by the brand only showcase its ability to create high-quality products from the ground up.

Best Selling Products of Cloudious9.

Cloudious9 is a modern vape company and has several solid offerings for people who want only the best. Are you ready to improve your sessions? Check out these products.

Cloudious9 Hydrology9

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 is the brand’s first vaporizer. It came with new revolutionary technology as well as a host of components that are used on different fields, like space-grade anodized aluminum, lab-grade borosilicate glass, and food-grade porcelain. It also offers premium water filtration and moisture conditioning.

Cloudious9 Atomic9

The Cloudious9 Atomic9 Vaporizer is a small and compact device that allows consumers to take their sessions wherever they may go, of course with the signature Cloudious9 vapor. It offers rich convection-quality vapors, six adjustable temperatures, a patent pending “Retractable Herb Loading Shovel,” and an aluminum alloy body.

Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 NX is the culmination of Cloudious9’s efforts in providing its customers a superior vaporizer by bringing the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 into wax concentrate consumption, that said, it comes with familiar features offered by the OG Cloudious9 Hydrology9 but is now compatible with wax concentrates and other forms of extracts.

Types of Vapes Cloudious9 Sells.

Cloudious9 specializes in making dry herb vaporizers but has now ventured into making wax concentrate vapes. Its latest offering proves just how well the company is attuned to its customers as it continues to sell.