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Focus V has had a whirlwind of a story, but despite it, the brand has pulled off some of the best products the vape industry has seen. It combined things like good-quality vaporizers, an affordable price tag, and the hype of what devices are in demand to propel the company into popularity. Interested to see what Focus V has to offer?

Let’s look into what makes Focus V an interesting company that you might want to invest into their products.

Interesting Design

For those looking at products from Focus V’s lineup, the first thing you would notice is how interesting the design of its product is. Focus V has stuck to the design cues of its first product, the Focus V Carta. Unlike other devices that had a really large or wide base with a pointed tip on top. That design makes complete sense because it allows the device to have a stable base to prevent it from toppling over.

Conversely, Focus V designed the Carta with a base that was uniform in design, unlike the pyramid-like design of most e-rigs, the Focus V Carta looked like a water bottle with a wax chamber slightly poking out of the base.

While it might look weird, with Focus V not exactly conforming to the standard design, actually had a good reason. It was pretty difficult to hold many of these e-rigs with wholly flat bases since it’s not really easy for your hand to grab a wide base. Considering the fact that you have a glass container with water on it even makes it more challenging.

By building a vaporizer with a base the size of a water bottle, it makes it easier for consumers to really hold the Focus V Carta since the base is ergonomically designed. Imagine, you will be holding this device half-baked and a smaller base would make it easier to grip the e-rig rather than forcing your hand to hold a larger base.

Combining Technology with Quality

The Focus V Carta also combined technology with the use of high-quality raw materials. A good example is its use of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is usually found on laboratories since it has high resistance to heat. Therefore, you will see it applied on test tubes, beakers, and other lab equipment that are usually subjected to heat.

What that means is that even if you expose the glass bubbler of the Focus V Carta to high temperature levels, it will not break. More importantly, it will not affect the vapors being produced by the e-rig. While cheaply made vaporizers will produce vapors that taste like burnt metal or plastic when heated, the vapors created by the Focus V Carta remains faithful to the flavor and aroma of the wax concentrates being heated.

Additionally, Focus V uses ceramic heating elements to vaporize the wax concentrates whose active ingredients are being extracted. Ceramic, for those who do not know, is a raw material that is known for its ability to induce low and slow heating. Instead of having to blast your wax concentrates with extreme temperatures immediately, the use of ceramic allows the Focus V Carta to pass through all the heat profiles and extract a roller coaster of active ingredients when you use it. From the flavonoids to the potent cannabinoids, you’re sure to get your money’s worth when using the Focus V Carta e-rig.

Looking into the Future

Focus V has already updated the Focus V Carta vaporizer and released the Focus V Carta 2. It still retained the same Focus V Carta design but added new technologies making it a forward looking vaporizer. The Focus V Carta 2 has a sexier — more ergonomic — base that better gives the owners greater grasp of the base. This way you can hold the Focus V Carta 2 for longer periods of time without having to put stress into your hands.

Additionally, the Focus V Carta 2 is endowed with the brand’s Intelli-Core technology that features an “innovative heating profile, providing the maximum vapor production and never before seen levels of customization, and control.”

Thanks to the Focus V Intelli-Core technology, the Focus V Carta 2 can vaporize not only wax concentrates but also herbs. It can be paired with your smartphone for temperature personalization and aesthetic personalization. The latter, you get through a suite of RGB lights that make the Focus V Carta look like a solid psychoactive device.

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Why Use Focus V?

Focus V is a brand that has combined the best things the industry has to offer and still offer its products without the premium price tag. It may have only three products in its roster but these devices make the brand worth trying out.

Best Focus V Products

Focus V only has three products in its lineup, but all of these devices are bangers and does rip really good. Here's a closer look at the devices sold by Focus V.

Focus V Carta

The Focus V Carta is an e-rig that is equipped with a solid (removable) battery, a borosilicate glass bubbler, USB type-C charging technology, a downloadable application, precision temperature control, and a suite of accessories that can truly elevate your vaping experience.

Focus V Carta 2

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Focus V Carta 2 comes with updated features like the brand’s Intelli-Core technology, precision temperature settings, and RGB lighting. It’s a great device that would fit the need of today’s modern consumers who want devices that can do it all while looking aesthetically good.

Focus V Saber

The Focus V Saber is an electronic dab tool and is not a vaporizer. Nevertheless, it looks sleek and performs really good and is a great tool to have, especially for wax concentrate consumers. It has interchangeable tips, LED lighting — so you can dab in the dark, and can be charged using a USB type-C charger.

Accessories to Have when using Focus V

Focus V makes various accessories for its products which include removable batteries, carb caps, cap tether, atomizers, and even repair kits for its atomizers.