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Yocan is arguably one of the most popular brands on the market today. Theis company has made it possible for the words “quality” and “affordability” to be used in one sentence. It’s a Chinese brand that continues to raise the bar when it comes to reasonably priced devices and provide consumers with a fair chance of consuming their favorite materials without getting ripped off by one so-called “premium” brand.

Check out what Yocan has to offer and see for yourself if this is a brand you would want to associate yourself with.

A Dynamic Vaporizer Company

Yocan is a Chinese vaporizer brand headquartered in the heart of China’s tech city, Shenzhen. With other tech brands sitting close to its home base, Yocan has access to wide variety of sources whether it’s information on the latest vaping trend or materials that can elevate their customer’s overall vaping experience. So, Yocan has constantly evolved its product lineup with new devices coming up almost every quarter of the year. It’s a dynamic company that can satisfy the needs of its dynamic customer base.

The Yocan brand has been known to make a wide variety of vaporizers, which include portable dry herb vaporizers, pen-style wax vapes, small oil cartridge vaporizers, and even pod-type vaporizers for those who like to consume e-juice materials.

Additionally, Yocan has produced a wide selection of multi-purpose vaporizers that can be used with herb, wax, and oils. Theirs is a wide library of vaporizers so you can be sure that you can find the right vaporizer for you regardless of your preference.

At the time of writing, Yocan has already branched out and launched a premium vaporizer division dubbed Yocan Black. This sub-brand offers premium quality wax vapes that are rooted in the style and functionality of electronic dab rigs or e-rigs.

Reliable and Affordable

Yocan has made a name for itself by selling vaporizer products that are affordable yet reliable. The company’s products can outperform vaporizers in the same price point and can even compete with vapes twice (and sometimes) thrice the price. That said, many consumers quickly came to notice the quality and affordability of Yocan’s products and the brand quickly was on the radar of vaporizer users.

Without costing consumers an arm and a leg, they get to enjoy vaping with their favorite dry herb strains and wax concentrated in good quality heating elements, powerful batteries, and durable vape housing.

The key to Yocan’s secret of passing the company’s products at such an affordable price is the strong relationship it has built with suppliers through the years. Yocan has been manufacturing vaporizers for decades and it has made good business ties with many raw material providers over time. Additionally, the brand buys these raw materials in bulk so they get to enjoy good deals from the companies that supply them these items.

With access to cheap raw materials, Yocan knows that it is only just to give its products a reasonable sticker price. That’s why you won’t feel robbed when you purchase any of Yocan’s products as they are relatively cheaper compared to other vaporizers on the market.

The list of the raw materials used by Yocan include quartz heating elements, ceramic atomizers, alloy housing, precision temperature control chipsets, magnetic connections, and more.

A Wide Selection

As we have briefly covered above, Yocan has a wide selection of devices that range from dry herb vapes, wax vapes, oil vapes, e-juice and e-liquid vapes, multifunctional vapes, and single-use vapes. Moreover, Yocan produces vaporizers that cater to a wide range of use from vape pens, wax pens, portable dry herb vapes, pod vapes, box mods, dab pens, e-nails, honey straws or nectar collectors — and now — electric dab rigs.

The company does consider the needs and the way its customers would use their vaporizers when developing its products that is why it’s a great company to buy vaporizers from.

And as we have mentioned earlier, Yocan is constantly developing vaporizers for its customers, which is why it releases new products almost every quarter of the year. What’s good about this is that because the vaporizers offered by Yocan are relatively cheap, you can always buy new Yocan products from time to time, allowing you to expand your experience and grow your vaporizer collection.

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Why Use Yocan?

Yocan attracts a wide range of vape users, from penny-pinching customers to high rollers as well as recreational customers to medicating patients. The brand’s products that boast a beautiful mix of reliability and affordability is the main reason why Yocan is such a hit brand for a wide variety of customers. If you feel like you need vaporizers that offer the same benefit, then we suggest checking out Yocan’s products. Speaking of which...

Best Yocan Vaporizer Products

Yocan Uni Pro 2.0 Box Mod

The Yocan Uni Pro 2.0 Box Mod is a solid portable vaporizer that is used for wax concentrates and oils. It has a durable metal body with an OLED screen that allows owners to check the status of their device and check relevant vaping information. It has a 350mAh battery 510-threaded magnetic connections for simplicity and ease of use.

Yocan Orbit Vaporizer

The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer is a small and compact vaporizer pen that boasts various technological upgrades from Yocan. It vaporizes your wax concentrates using a coil-less quartz cup so all of your favorite wax concentrates will be extracted down to the last drop. For added functionality and even heating of your wax, the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer also has spinning quartz balls. Additionally, it has a 1700mAh battery for long life.

Yocan Flame Multifunctional Vaporizer

The Yocan Flame Multifuctional Vaporizer is ideal for wax concentrate consumers who are looking for more but still want to save money in the process. Compared to similarly-priced vaporizer products, the Yocan Flame Multifunctional Vaporizer introduces new features like water filtration and moisture conditioning and a variety of ways to use your vaporizer.

Accessories to Have When Using Yocan

The good thing about Yocan is that it produces devices with parts and accessories that are cross compatible with each other. This means that if you buy a lanyard holder for your Yocan Evolve Plus XL, chances are, you can still use it with other Yocan devices. Similarly, the 510-threaded coils used by Yocan are cross compatible with each other. This way, it’s safe to invest in coils, mouthpieces, and even other add-ons when you use Yocan products.