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CCELL vaporizers are one of the pioneers in the oil vape category and have produced some of the best devices one can find for oil consumption. The brand has become a big name in the e-cigarette segment and has continued to make waves in the industry.
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A Continuously Evolving Brand

CCELL is a brand that continuously evolves and is constantly putting out new devices on the market. CCELL developed a revolutionary heating element that made use of ceramic and exploited its low and slow heating capabilities. It was so perfect for vaping oils and e-juices that it became an instant hit among the masses.

The brand claimed that its ceramic heating element “redefined the industry standard” and therefore paved the way for improved technologies and overall better products. A year later, CCELL followed the ceramic heating element up with cartridges that gained unprecedented popularity. At the same time, CCELL started making batteries.

A few years later, CCELL released a vaporizer, which won first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup — one of the most prestigious award-giving bodies in the vaporizer industry. After that, you can say that the rest is history.

CCELL proved that it is a company that can and will continue to evolve for the good and for the benefit of its customers. Continuous upgrades are what today’s vape users are after and CCELL will not be left behind in the race of putting out new vaporizers with new features, and they prove to never disappoint.

Other Awards

On top of the above mentioned High Times Cannabis Cup won by one of CCELL’s vaporizers, the company continued to rake in more recognitions and honors as it progressed.

Another one of CCELL’s devices got yet another achievement last year, this time winning the “Favorite Vaporizer” category at the O’Cannabiz Industry Awards. Additionally, the brand received the highly-coveted “Best CBD Device” award at the World CBD awards.

These accolades further cement CCELL’s place in the business as an established vaporizer brand that one can rely on. They’re not just a cheap name that makes devices that break as soon as you get them. Its products — having won prestigious honors — make for good choices even for the pickiest consumers. If you haven’t tried CCELL yet, maybe it’s time you do. The award-winning brand will be more than willing to demonstrate that it is deserving of every feather it has added to its cap.

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Strict on Safety

CCELL is a brand that is strict when it comes to the safety of its products and the safety of its customers. A good example is CCELL’s state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities where the brand implements the strictest tests to its products, which are produced with FDA and RoHS-certified raw materials.

The company even said that it continues to invest in research and development to enhance the safety of its products for a better customer experience.

CCELL even began using medical-grade 316L stainless steel for its cartridge's core components. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance feature, medical-grade stainless steel has seen common use in medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment, and even in the food processing industry. The use of this material is a testament to CCELL’s unwavering commitment not just to keep its customers safe but also to evolve and upgrade as a company.

According to CCELL, all the raw materials used in the construction of its devices have passed all safety tests including heavy metal testing. Results returned to CCELL show that the products subjected to the said evaluation “significantly outperformed California and Michigan regulatory standard's requirements when used with various oils.”

Impressive Manufacturing Capability

CCELL does not just impress with its safety and dedication to evolving as a company but also with its awesome manufacturing capability. Per CCELL, the company is implementing the highest standards in safety, hygiene, and testing in all of its factories.
Certifications from organizations like International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are just some of the things that CCELL has achieved over the years.

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Why Choose CELL?

CCELL is a brand that has proven its quality through the years. That said, CCELL can satisfy the needs of consumers who are on the lookout for a reliable device that does not break the bank. CCELL is a high-quality vape company with the awards to back it up.

Best Selling Products of CCELL

CCELL has had a few products out on the market, they have dedicated their time and funding in developing some of the industry’s best devices. Here are a few examples.

CCELL Palm Battery

The CCELL Palm Battery is a great choice for consumers who love to vaporize oils. The device is packed with a decent 550-milliampere (mAH) battery, a multi-protection microchip system, a high-grade circuit board, and a durable aluminum alloy housing. It’s perfect not only for consuming oils at home but also for vaping when you’re out and about.


The CCELL Dart is another device developed and sold by CCELL. The CCELL Dart is a pod vaporizer that can hold as much as 1.0 milliliters (ml), ideal for daily use. It is also equipped with a 480mAh battery, has magnetic connections, and is draw activated.

CCELL Palm Pro

CCELL followed up the CCELL Palm Battery with the CCELL Palm Pro. This device also sports a 550mAh battery and has features such as three pre-set temperature settings, an adjustable airflow, a 10-second pre-heat function, and a battery indicator.

Types of Vapes CCELL Sells.

CCELL is a company that sells oil vapes and e-juice vapes. That means that it caters to customers who consume essential oils as well as nicotine-based materials, like those who are trying to quit smoking or manage their nicotine intake.