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XVAPE is a vaporizer brand best known for its innovative products. While most vaporizer companies in the industry appear to follow a pattern paved by those who are considered successful in the business, XVAPE tried to forge its own path and eventually became recognized by many consumers and vaporizer enthusiasts alike for its efforts. The company now has several notable devices in its roster and is considered the go-to for vaporizer users who want an affordable but dependable device they can take with them wherever they may go.

Join us and let’s get to know XVAPE better.

A Veteran of The Industry

We can consider XVAPE a veteran of the vaping industry as the brand was established about 20 years ago. This means that XVAPE not only legitimately knows how to make vaporizers but the company also has what it takes to stay in business despite some of its competitors seemingly loosing grips with how to keep their company afloat. On that note, you can trust on XVAPE to deliver products that have been carefully researched and developed using tried and tested methodologies.

Having the know-how to make vaporizer products that do not easily fade into the minds of the vaping public is no easy task. Yet XVAPE has managed to produce devices that have been patronized by many consumers who have different preferences in consuming their favorite materials.

In addition, XVAPE’s connections in the vaporizer industry has allowed the company to build strong business relationships with raw material distributors allowing the brand to procure good-quality raw materials without paying for the premium price. This savings is something that XVAPE passes on to its customers and is why it is able to make vaporizers that have decent quality without the expensive price tag.

Putting a Twist in Your Everyday Vaporizer

While XVAPE’s products are not so unique and have features you can find on other vaporizers on the market, the company puts its own twist in the products they release. That said, they seem to get the attention of more consumers than the competition who just basically slaps their logo on generic vaporizers sold on the far side of the world.

This shows us that XVAPE is considerate enough to look into what the company thinks its customer base needs and then add such features into its vaporizers to cater to the requirements of its clientele. Of course, the vaping community quickly picked that up and soon, consumers came flocking to the brand.

Because XVAPE has added bits and bobs to vaporizers you would normally find on generic vaporizers, they have earned the trust and respect of many vaporizer buyers.

That said, XVAPE is now seen as one of the known vaporizer brands on the market, who set itself apart from other vaporizer companies that simply just go with the flow.

So, if you want vaporizer products that appeal to your personal preference, make sure to check out XVAPE.

Dank Dry Herb Vaporizers

XVAPE is a company that specializes in dry herb vaporizers, which is why it is the perfect brand for dry herb consumers who are looking for a decent device without breaking the bank. XVAPE’s experience in developing botanical vaporizers means that you can rely on the company’s products to deliver you some of the best devices your money can get.

Compared to other dry herb vaporizer companies, XVAPE knows what botanical vapes work. Features like ceramic-based parts, isolated airflow, magnetic connections, precision temperature control, are just some of the things you will find when you look into the products offered by XVAPE. With that having said, you can say that the vaporizers from XVAPE’s lineup are suited not only for consumers who are using dry herbs for recreational purposes but also for consumers who are looking to reap the benefits of their select dry herb strains for medicinal advantages.

So, if you feel like you belong to any of these categories, then we suggest checking out what XVAPE has to offer. They are a company that offers good-quality dry herb vaporizers that will not break the bank. Make sure to check them out only at the home of high-quality vaporizers, VapoCorner.

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Why Use XVAPE?

XVAPE is a vaporizer brand that appeals to the general vaping public thanks to its mix of affordable price tag, decent quality, and somewhat unique features. If you want to purchase a dry herb vaporizer that’s not mediocre, we strongly suggest investing in XVAPE products.

Best XVAPE Products

XVAPE has now amassed a decent catalog of vaporizers, which could make choosing the right device for you a little challenging. So, our team of expert vaporizer testers have collated a short list of vaporizer products that might help you land your next daily driver. Check them out.

XVAPE Aria Vaporizer

The XVAPE Aria Vaporizer is a device that most consider to be the vaporizer that put the brand on the map. The XVAPE Aria Vaporizer comes with things like a ceramic oven, a ceramic mouthpiece, magnetic connections, isolated airflow, haptic feedback, and precision temperature control. It is simple to use and easy to operate making it perfect for beginners and vape veterans alike.

XVAPE Starry 3.0 Vaporizer

The XVAPE Starry 3.0 Vaporizer is yet another dry herb vaporizer that comes with great features for flower consumption. Things like a ceramic heating element, a magnetic mouthpiece, as well as haptic feedback technology makes the XVAPE Starry 3.0 Vaporizer a great choice for many dry herb consumers. It can also be used with wax concentrates so you can consume your favorite extracts with it.

XVAPE Vista Mini

The XVAPE Vista Mini is a small wax vaporizer that functions pretty much like an electric dab rig or an e-rig. The compact dabber is equipped with features such as borosilicate glass, a crystal-quartz atomizer with short-circuit protection, and four pre-set temperature settings. Despite its small size, it gives you the benefits of water filtration and moisture conditioning.

Accessories to Have When Using XVAPE Vaporizers

XVAPE Vaporizers use proprietary accessories so you will have to buy specific replacement parts and add-ons for one particular vaporizer. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest stocking up on atomizers and other glass pieces as these are just some of the parts that often need replacing.