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SeshGear is the company responsible for the commercially successful Dabtron. The brand has made a name for itself by producing one of the best wax concentrate vaporizers on the market which allowed the company to earn the respect from the vaping community in general. Nevertheless, the brand has also manufactured other devices that can be used for dry herbs and even for oils.

Think you want to get to know more about this new vape brand? Join us to find out if this is the right vape company for you.

A Fresh Company

SeshGear is a relatively new company in the vape industry. On that note, it only released a few devices which is why choosing from its products could be less challenging. There are a few companies on the market that have a huge library of vaporizer, but since they have tons of devices on offer, choosing the right product could be daunting, especially for vape beginners. This means that SeshGear can make your buying decision a little less complicated.

Additionally, companies that are new to the scene always wants to put their best foot forward. This means that they will do almost everything in their power to please their customers since they need to continue making a name for themselves unlike other established brands that can sometimes appear to be snob when dealing with their customer base.

On that note, you can expect SeshGear to be a company that’s always on its best whether it's about developing their products, using the best raw materials, or plainly just interacting with its customers, you can count on new vape brands like SeshGear to bring it’s a game to these aspects of running a business.

Making E-Rigs Like Pros

One of the reasons why SeshGear has risen to popularity is because for a new vaporizer brand, it seems to be making products like a veteran. SeshGear uses only the best raw materials the industry has to offer when building its products. So, you will see terms like USB type-C charging technology, coil-less quartz atomizer, and preset temperature levels when talking about products from SeshGear.

Case in point, the aforementioned SeshGear Dabtron electric dab rig with good-quality raw materials that serve as the base of this popular e-rig. Power comes from a 2000-milliampere (mAh) battery that can be charged using USB type-C technology. We would like to point out that SeshGear slapped the Dabtron with this charging technology before the majority of vape manufacturers did, placing them as sort of the pioneers of using this charging technology on their devices.

Additionally, SeshGear also equipped the Dabtron with a suite of preset temperature levels. And while some would think that preset temperature levels are for noobs, these pre-selected temperature profiles are actually fine-tuned by SeshGear’s developers and technicians to provide their customers with professional-level temperature settings without having to go through that learning curve themselves. This means that you get the best results without having to go through all that learning experience, because it was the professionals that did it for you.

Finally, SeshGear also used lab-grade glass on the SeshGear Dabtron as borosilicate glass is actually great at handling high temperatures without breaking. This means that even if you expose the glass bubbler and the water piece of the SeshGear Dabtron to high temperature levels, your sessions will not be affected.

You can still experience that pure vapor production and flavor retention as the glass piece will not have a weird taste and smell to it unlike vaporizers that use cheap plastic and metal.

Affordability Meets Reliability

SeshGear has also been known for making affordable vaporizers. Despite the negative connotation of cheap and affordable products, the ones released by SeshGear proved themselves to be more than what they are worth.

A good example is the SeshGear Gigi. At a very reasonable price, its owners can get the chance to own a solid oil vaporizer that has features one can find on more expensive devices. The small and compact oil and e-juice vape comes with a reliable 500mAh battery and also has pre-heat settings. The removable and replaceable cartridge means that you can re-use this device several times as long as you have the parts needed to maintain it.

It’s a great choice for oil and e-liquid consumers who are on a budget but who do not want to settle for anything less. If you think you are that kind of customer, then maybe SeshGear is the right brand for you.

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Why Use SeshGear?

Like we have discussed above, SeshGear is a brand that attracts majority of the vaping public thanks to its affordable and attainable price range. Nevertheless, it can still go toe to toe with other brands as the devices SeshGear puts out are relatively reliable even when used daily. So, if you are looking for a decent vaporizer that will not break the bank, then you should try out the products from SeshGear.

Best SeshGear Products

As we have mentioned earlier, SeshGear is a brand that has a few products in its lineup. This is a compilation of the best ones that SeshGear has to offer.

SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig

The SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig is kind of the vaporizer that put SeshGear on the map. It competed with the big boys of e-rigs back when these devices were really hot. The SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig is equipped with a 2000mAh battery for long sessions, preset temperature settings for personalization without the hassle, and a coil-less quartz atomizer for superior flavor and vapor production.

SeshGear Gigi Vaporizer

The SeshGear Gigi Vaporizer is like the brand’s love letter to its oil and e-juice-loving customers. It is available with a 500mAh battery, pre-heat settings to help you prep and melt your hardened oils pre-session, and a removable and replaceable cartridge for added longevity.

SeshGear Commute

The SeshGear Commute is the brand’s dedicated dry herb portable vaporizer. It’s perfect for people who want to take their buds and their flowers with them when they leave the comfort of their couches. It boasts true convection heating with a ceramic herb chamber, three preset temperature levels for session customization, and a variety of accessories.

Accessories to Have When Using SeshGear Vaporizers

SeshGear vapes pretty much use its own accessories and replacement components as are other vaporizer brands in this price point. We strongly recommend to invest in replacement coils, cartridges, and chambers of your selected vaporizer from SeshGear as they are the ones that easily break.