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Pulsar is another vaporizer company that has been in the “affordable but reliable” category for quite some time now. Thanks to a lineup of devices that are priced reasonably and perform decently, Pulsar has earned the respect of many consumers — both those who are on a budget and those who are simply just looking for a cheap alternative to the more expensive ones the market has to offer.

Let’s see if Pulsar is the right brand of vaporizers for you.

Affordable Portability

Like we’ve briefly covered above, Pulsar is a brand that has banked on releasing affordable devices that are as reliable and as dependable as the competition who are usually priced as much as twice as the products offered by Pulsar.

On that note, Pulsar quickly gained popularity in the vaping community as the brand immediately caught the attention of consumers who are on a budget — and unlike what’s depicted in the social media platforms, there are actually a lot of cost-conscious consumers out there, like you and me.

The company has made both wax vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers making it a good choice for a wide variety of consumers unlike some companies who only stick to making dry herb vapes or wax vapes. This means that vape shoppers of all material preferences can find their device of choice in Pulsar’s lineup without costing them an arm and a leg.

They specialize in small and portable vaporizers that you can take with you almost anywhere you go.

Good Design

Despite Pulsar’s product lineup not being that expensive compared to vaporizers released by the so-called premium brands, they still look like they belong to the top-shelf display of most vaporizer stores.

Common on most Pulsar vaporizers is the glossy black minimalist look with shades and accents of chrome here and there. Unlike some vaporizers that are designed to catch your attention right off the bat, Pulsar’s products are actually conspicuous and has that modern minimalist look to them. They can also match a wide variety of outfits making them great to bring with you on almost any occasion.

Additionally, these devices are also designed with minimal button layout, which makes them look clean at a glance. Since there are no cluttered buttons on the face of the device, they look sleeker and more premium compared to other devices in the same price range.

When Size Matters

Like what we’ve said earlier, Pulsar specializes on making small and portable devices. The current market shows that consumers are more inclined to choosing a portable vaporizer over a desktop vaporizer. That’s because many consumers take their sessions with them almost every time. Some recreational consumers take their vaporizers with them when they go on vacations or when they take a trip out of town. Athletes, sometimes use vaporizers to help them cope up with a demanding training session. Some professionals rely on portable vaporizers to relieve stress after long and grueling hours of work. Lastly, patients with medical problems also use portable vapes to help them manage their conditions.

On that note, majority — if not all — of Pulsar’s products are designed as small and compact allowing consumers to keep them in a pocket or in a small bag. One good example is the Pulsar Flow Vaporizer. It is a portable dry herb vape that can easily fit in your pocket and in your small pouch. It also has contoured edges so it will not bulk up in your pants.

This dry herb vaporizer has been one of the top choices for many consumers who want to take their sessions with them whenever they want to be out and about. Instead of having to carry large and bulky portable vaporizers, they can enjoy a device that comes in a slimmer, sleeker package.

Additionally, Pulsar has made the Pulsar APX Wax Vaporizer, a popular device among wax concentrate consumers. It was made using the same principle as the aforementioned Pulsar Flow Vaporizer that it was small, portable, and sleek. It offered extract lovers a way to take their sessions with them almost anywhere they go, without having to get weighed down by the bulk and weight by larger devices.

Joining the Fold

Pulsar joined the fold when it began making electronic dab rigs or e-rigs. They have been a hit amongst wax concentrate consumers as these devices combined the benefits of modern-day vaporizers with the hard-hitting vapors of conventional dab rigs.

The Pulsar RoK Portable Oil Rig is a solid choice not only for recreational consumers but also for those who use the effects of wax concentrates for medicinal purposes. It delivered high-quality clouds of vapor thanks to its ability to incorporate the benefits of water filtration and moisture conditioning. The result is a safer means of consuming wax concentrates that both hit hard and did not have contaminants of impurities found on conventional methods of vaping.

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Why Use Pulsar?

As we have covered above, Pulsar is a brand that offers affordable vaporizers that boast decent features. Pulsar’s products also had that premium look, which attracted more consumers overtime.

Best Pulsar Products

Pulsar has released some good vaporizers over the years. They are, after all, considered one of the longest standing companies in the business. On that note, our team has compiled the best devices that came out of its product line, to save you from the hassle of sifting through its library of wax, oil, and herb vaporizers.

Pulsar Go Vaporizer

The Pulsar Go Vaporizer is a small wax and herb vape that had a 1100-milliampere (mAh) battery, had two swappable atomizers, and can heat up in as fast as five seconds.

Pulsar Micro E-Nail Kit

The Pulsar Micro E-Nail Kit were designed for the hard hitters. It was, as one would think about it, the first iteration of e-rigs. It connected to a water pipe, offers digital temperature control, had a grade-2 titanium nail, and a titanium carb cap. There’s literally nothing you can ask for if you’re looking for sessions that will knock you off your socks.

Pulsar RoK Portable Oil Rig

Pulsar’s entry into the e-rig category, the Pulsar RoK Portable Oil Rig had the makings of a great device. It had a borosilicate glass filtration base, a disc percolator, three preset temperature settings, and can be used for both wax and herb consumption.

Accessories to Have When Using Pulsar Vaporizers

As with most vape brands, Pulsar made several proprietary accessories. As an advice from vape professionals, we strongly suggest investing in vape atomizers from Pulsar as they are the ones that get banged up really quick. The glass pieces typically last long but it wouldn’t hurt to stock up on these too.