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Marley Natural is a brand that specializes in smoking paraphernalia. The company has grown to a point that its product lineup can cover all the aspects of your smoking needs such as grinders, steamrollers, rolling trays, bowls, and even water pipes — Marley Natural has it all. In addition, the company has mastered the art of developing and producing smoking products that look and feel premium, so they are able to catch the upper market consumers who are looking for smoking accessories that are simply a cut above the rest.

Get to know Marley Natural better to find out whether or not it is the right company for you.

All for Responsible Use

Marley Natural is a company the promotes the responsible consumption of herbs. The brand advocates this by consistently presenting quotes from the late legend, Bob Marley — to whom the brand took inspiration from.

Their advocacy reveals that they treat herb and botanical consumption with passion and that they are serious at what they do. Companies like this (who reflect their seriousness) often have products that echo these morals. On that note, the accessories made by Marley Natural are all rooted in the idea of responsible use and that herb and plant matter consumption should only be undertaken by adults who know what they are getting into and understand the benefits — as well as the risks — of consuming herbs.

Lives up to its Name

The Marley Natural brand is a marque that lives up to its name. It makes its products only from high-quality natural raw materials. These materials, though the source is not confirmed, are all selected to ensure that their owners will get to experience the best smoking session they never knew was possible.

One good example is wood, not only does wood give Marley Natural products a beautiful aesthetic design but wood also has great properties that can help ensure a better smoking experience. Unlike plastic that might emit a toxic effect when heated, wood does not. Further, it does not leave a weird taste on one’s palette unlike heated plastic. The taste, albeit sometimes harsh, is still better than the chemical aftertaste left by cheap plastic.

Another material Marley Natural is fond of is glass. The brand likes to use lab-grade glass in its product. Borosilicate is often seen on laboratories as they have a high threshold for temperature. Compared to standard glass that will crack and break when exposed to heat, borosilicate will remain durable making it ideal for products like glass smoking bowls, glass water pipes, Glass Tasters, Glass Steamrollers, and more. They will not only ensure longevity but will also not affect the overall taste and aroma of your select dry herb strains allowing you to faithfully preserve the quality of your select materials.

Speaking of materials...

They Have a Dispensary

Marley Naturals not only sell smoking paraphernalia but they also have their own dispensary where they sell Marley Natural-branded dry herbs. This shows the level of understanding the company has in the smoking of herbs in general.

They have a wide selection of botanicals that will suit the needs of various consumers, whether they’re in it for recreational purposes of for medicinal reasons. A company that sells both the actual herbs and also the accessories used to consume them is a brand you can trust.

Note: We do not sell herbs from Marley Naturals.

Premium All the Way

From how the products are made, how they are packaged and presented, to how they perform, Marley Natural screams premium.

Noticeable are its old money style of the aforementioned wood and glass, but what rounds its design cue altogether are the presence of gold trims all over the products. These gold accents can be found specifically on the smoked glass variants of their popular offerings.

On that note, pulling out a Marley Natural product when you are in a session only shows the kind of consumer you are: a sleek and classy herb enthusiast with flair to boast. Be the envy of your peers by being the first in your group to buy a Marley Natural product.

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Why Choose Marley Natural?

Marley Natural is a brand for the classy herb consumers. The company’s use of glass, wood, and gold trims speak of maturity, which clearly translates to responsible herb consumption. If you feel you are all that and more, then we suggest checking out the products sold by Marley Natural.

Best Selling Products of Marley Natural

Marley Natural offers a wide variety of smoking products that it could be challenging for beginners to select the ideal item to use, so we tasked our team of professional consumers to select what Marley Natural would suit you best.

Marley Natural Small Four-Piece Wood Grinder

The Marley Natural Four-Piece Wood Grinder is a unique piece that it not only brings in a unique aesthetic appeal but also fine raw materials in the form of sustainably-sourced walnut wood and high-grade anodized aluminum for good looks and longevity. Its small size makes it perfect for those looking for a daily grinder that they can take with them almost anywhere they go.

Marley Natural Large Four-Piece Wood Grinder

This is the large version of Marley Natural’s four-piece wood grinder. Like its compact counterpart, the Marley Natural Large Four-Piece Wood Grinder is also made with high-quality black walnut wood as well as high-quality anodized aluminum components. Its ability to hold larger amounts of ground herbs makes it ideal for home use.

Marley Natural Water Pipe

The Marley Natural Water Pipe is the brand’s take in moisture conditioned and water filtered smoke. The water pipe uses high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures as well as faithfully preserve the overall quality of the smoked herbs. It’s a great device for those who are in the market for a luxury water pipe.

Types of Grinders Marley Natural Sells

Marley, though not primarily a grinder company sells four-piece grinders in both small and large sizes.