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KandyPens is yet another vaporizer brand that also found success in good products and good marketing strategy. The brand basically made wax concentrates that blew everybody’s minds thanks to how well they performed and how they broke barriers in the vaping industry. The company’s logo is recognized not only by veteran consumers but also by beginners as well. Interested to find out what products KandyPens has to offer?

Join us and get to know more about the brand.

Fascinatingly Flamboyant

Common to almost all KandyPens products is how fascinatingly flamboyant they are designed. They come in cute patterns that are basically meant to catch your attention wherever you may be. It was probably one of the ways vaporizer manufacturers started thinking outside of the box as devices prior to Kandy Pens’ new approach to designing its vapes all looked the same.

With this new take on designing vaporizers, Kandy Pens’ lineup looked more like lifestyle products and have somehow helped vaporizers in general step away from the stigma it was experiencing due to all the negative feedback it was reaping due to cheaply made items and also the pressure from authorities trying to regulate the industry.

Thanks to Kandy Pens, many consumers began to see vaporizers in a new light and it started attracting a new breed of customers.

Wax to the Max

KandyPens is a company that mainly produces wax concentrate vaporizers and has placed its name on the map thanks to superior wax pens that simply blew away the competition. KandyPens arrived in a vaporizer landscape in the United States filled with devices made with sketchy components and built in shady factories that might just as well endanger your health instead of helping you safely consume wax concentrates, especially when compared to today’s vape pens.

In fact, because of how well Kandy Pens made its vaporizers, the brand has won numerous awards from various award giving bodies and vaporizer reviewers lauding the overall superior quality of wax pens from the Kandy Pens brand.

KandyPens won honors from the prestigious High Times Magazine for the institution’s Best Vaporizer Award. Vape Critic, one of the industry’s vape review pioneers, have raved about products released by KandyPens.

Branding with the Stars

Now that KandyPens has the support of the core institutions of the vaping community as well as the respect of various vaping circles, it was time to expand and penetrate a wider market. That’s why KandyPens knew it had to partner with some of the biggest names in the music industry and other relevant businesses that made sense in terms of marketing vaporizers.

Arguably one of the biggest stars KandyPens teamed up with was Justin Bieber, alongside a star-studded cast of rappers such as Migos, Quavo, and Dj Khaled, in the music video “I’m The One.” Additionally, KandyPens has sponsored up and coming artists and have helped propel their careers in the music industry, which include names like Fatboy SSE and Young M. A.

Despite the company’s now popular brand, KandyPens still continues its involvement in various industries with its latest collaboration featuring Amber Rose, an American model, rapper and television personality once linked to personalities like Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Machine Gun Kelly, and NBA player Terrence Ross.

Collaborative Pieces

KandyPens, with all its partnership with famous stars, have also released collaborative pieces like the KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer. The wax vape was released in partnership with rapper A$AP Rocky and featured a very stylish design in faux wood finish paired with gold accents. The limited edition vaporizer came in a retro stylish gift box and was equipped with titanium coils, a coilless chamber with a ceramic dish, a 510-threaded battery, and variable voltage settings.

In addition, Kandy Pens also released the KandyPens Amber Rose Collection, which is basically a KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer dressed up with special trims that match the branding for Amber Rose. While A$AP Rocky’s version would attract male customers, Amber Rose’s collection is meant to target female consumers to buy in on the brand.

On that note, it boasts the same features but offers a more feminine touch to suit the tastes of women who are into consuming wax concentrates at home or on the go.

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Why use KandyPens?

KandyPens is a brand that does more than create vaporizers. It’s a company that offers a lifestyle product that also sells a new way of consuming wax concentrates, herbs, and oils. It also connects that lifestyle with the ideas and values of various artists that better personify the essence of what it is like to use a product from Kand Pens.

Best KandyPens Products

KandyPens has a solid lineup of vaporizer products, but amidst the sea of devices released by the brand, it’s important to find the right one you should invest your money on. That said, we compiled the best vaporizers from Kandy Pens, to make your buying process a lot easier.

KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

The KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer is a solid wax pen and offers unique features that will give you a better experience overall. It comes with Glossy Mouthpiece Titanium Coils, a Quartz Rod Atomizer with Quartz Crystal Chamber, an Elevated Air Flow System, 510-Threaded Connections, and variable voltage setting.

KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer

KandyPens built the Prism Plus Vaporizer using a Stainless Steel body and packed it with a Ceramic Coil Less Atomizer, a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer, and Two Glass Mouthpieces. This setup makes it easy for both recreational consumers and medicating patients to easily get professional quality vapors in a smal and compact device. It’s a great on the go wax vape for consumers who need more than just the average vaporizer.

KandyPens Oura Vaporizer

Speaking of above average, KandyPens has released the Oura, an electronic dab rig that’s quite not what the vaping public is used to. Compared to most devices that have a large base paired with a small glass attachment, the KandyPens Oura had a more ergonomic styling, which allowed consumers to really hold it well during sessions. Powering it is a 3,000-milliampere (mAh) battery with four preset temperature settings and a solid borosilicate glass for good measure.

Accessories to Have When Using KandyPens.

Those using KandyPens should consider investing in accessories like atomizers and mouthpieces as these are the components commonly replaced on vape pens and even electronic dab rigs.